United States of America

Who We Are

Bison Power America is a part of Bison Energy, a global developer in environmentally friendly renewable energy projects. Bison Power America is operated by a group of dedicated professionals committed to be a crucial part of the clean energy transition, leading to more sustainable and reliable production of energy through environmentally friendly renewable power generation. As a full life-cycle energy developer, Bison Power America's services begin at the conception of development and continue through construction and operation. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and affordable energy, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our services.

Our Mission

To create a sustainable world for our future generations by becoming the preferred provider of renewable energy generation through the development and construction of renewable energy generators and battery storage facilities. Our technology is, and will be, inspired by energy sources that are "Powered by Nature".

Our Core Values

Clean: Bison Power America supports the use of clean energy sources, leading to a more sustainable and greener future.  

Honest: Bison Power America holds honesty and ethics to a high standard. We want our partners to know we are dependable and will deliver what we promise to the best of our abilities. 

Innovative: Bison Power America is an entrepreneurial team that prizes innovation in this new energy future. New ideas and diversity in approaches are encouraged in order to create better development and products for the end consumer. 

As a developer with a global footprint, Bison Power America partners with some of the world's most trusted and experienced suppliers and investors to advise, fund, design, construct, and operate our renewable energy projects. As stated above, Bison Power America positions itself as a leading renewable energy development firm that develops sustainable energy sources to serve our communities through ethical work styles and innovative ideas.

Our Work

Bison Power America develops, constructs, finances, and operates its own renewable energy, hybrid, and energy storage projects. In addition, Bison Power America also acquires projects to develop, own, and operate. Working in the utility-scale space, Bison Power America collaborates with industry leading transmission and interconnection analytics to ensure optimization and safe and reliable operation of our projects. 

Solar Farm: 

Bison Power America develops utility-scale solar power plants that generate electricity through the conversion of sunlight into electricity. These farms are typically located on open land and us photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity. The benefits of solar farms include the following: 

· Lower cost energy generation than fossil fuel alternatives

· It is a clean and zero emission way of generating energy

· The farms can be co-located with other uses such as agriculture

· The farms can generate additional local jobs and improve the local economy

· The clean energy generation can improve local air quality and environmental attributes

Energy Storage Facility: 

Bison Power America develops energy storage facilities that can store and distribute large amounts of power to support hundreds or thousands of homes and businesses. Energy storage facilities provide the following benefits to our existing energy infrastructure and communities: 

· Helps shift excess energy and distributes it to when the grid needs it

· The energy storage facility can provide, or take away, much needed energy at a moment's notice, allowing it efficiently and effectively stabilize the grid when needed or during emergencies 

· It is energy dense, meaning a large amount of energy storage can be built on a limited amount of land

· The facility can generate additional local jobs and improve the local economy

· The zero emission energy storage facility can improve local air quality and environmental attributes

Let’s Work Together


Bison Energy Group encourages partnerships with local communities and landowners to develop projects that contribute back to the local communities where they are located. If you are a landowner who would like to partner with Bison to develop our next renewable energy project please provide your contact information through Contact Us.


Bison Power America offers exciting partnership opportunities for developers of renewable, hybrid, and standalone energy storage projects. With established connections in all stages of development, Bison Power America is committed to providing our partners with the resources and support they need to succeed. We offer a variety of partnership opportunities, including assistance to the following: 

§ Operational Support: We can provide operational support to help accelerate the development of your project. This includes tasks such as permitting, interconnection, and construction management. 

§ Co-Development Partnerships: We can partner with you to develop a project from the ground up. We have a deep understanding of the renewable energy market and can help you identify and secure the best opportunities. 

§ Pipeline Buyout: Bison Power America is open to acquiring projects that align with our markets of interest. We will work with you to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes with project or pipeline buyouts.